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Sarah Mathews has it all–a loving family and a budding career–until an unwelcome message resurfaces doubts about her identity she has harbored since childhood. Sarah’s comfortable world is thrown into turmoil when a DNA test confirms her suspicions. As a stranger’s arrival sends her over the edge, she wonders, ‘Who am I?’

As Anglo-American leaders gather to plan the defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler orders the death of President Franklin Roosevelt to derail the conference. Brandon Armitage, a Canadian veteran of the Great War, has joined Canada’s Volunteer Guard to oversee German prisoners. When a Luftwaffe pilot escapes. Armitage pursues him to a remote island in Lake Huron, where FDR is fishing. Armitage alerts security officials the prisoner may be out to assassinate the president, but they refuse his help, insisting their security is tight. He must act alone, even as he seeks to rescue his failing marriage.

A new Chief Novak novel in the acclaimed series set in the Pittsburgh area: 

Police Chief Karol Novak’s planned retirement is sidetracked when a dying man’s wish draws him into investigating the unsolved murder of a young woman two decades before. As the investigation unfolds, Novak and his team discover a similar unsolved murder. Are the two deaths related or are they the work of a serial killer? While they work to answer these questions, this small, undermanned police force must also find a three-year-old child who has disappeared without a trace.

Law enforcement and small town politics make a lethal combination. When Karol Novak is hired to restore public confidence in a scandal-ridden small-town police force, a young girl’s birthday wish plunges him into a three-decades-old murder case, forcing him to choose between duty and justice. 

From the author of Sins of Omission and Breaking News comes a fast-moving police procedural and an appealing love story reflecting Pittsburgh’s patchwork approach to policing.

Journalist Alan Rudberg takes up an investigation begun by his estranged father into an early civil rights slaying. Why was this old, forgotten murder twice shuttered? Who is still threatened sixty years after a black minister was slain on a stretch of lonely road? Why is a candidate for the nation’s highest court trying to block the journalist’s probe? His quest to learn the truth unearths a family secret, and someone is following his every move. As the community closes ranks to derail his investigation, will Rudberg solve these intertwined mysteries or will they cost him his career … and his life?

An anonymous letter sends Rudberg to eastern Oregon to investigate a kickback scheme. As he digs into a sinister web of crooked politicians and businesspeople, he finds more than he bargained for. A powerful local politician files a libel suit that threatens his reputation. Although the facts are on Rudberg’s side, a biased judge and unsympathetic townspeople pull together to oppose the “big-city” reporter. As the outcome grows uncertain, his wife questions his commitment and his publisher grows distant. Rudberg realizes he is battling business interests far more powerful than the small-town graft of this rural Western community. A parable of modern journalism. 

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