James H. (Jim) Lewis is a former journalist, public media executive, and consultant who is now a story-teller for nonprofit organizations. He has written for the Washington Post, Fundraising Management, and Current. His news reports have aired on public television, the ABC Evening News, and on the Eurovision News Exchange. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America and PennWriters. Jim and his wife, Julie, live in Pittsburgh.

James H Lewis, author and writer for non-profits

After a lifetime as a journalist, public media executive, and consultant to non-profit organizations, I turned to full-time writing five years ago. I based my first novel, Sins of Omission, on my experience as a young journalist in North Florida years ago. I was and am dedicated to the concept of racial justice, and in that book sought not only to tell a story but to bring the black experience to a wider audience.

My second novel, Breaking News, featured the same protagonist, Alan Rudberg, and was a parable on the state of print journalism today. Like Sins of Omission, this novel was prescient, in that it dealt with situations that occurred in actual life after its publication.

My third and latest novel, Novak’s Mission, is a police procedural, but like all my novels to date, it has a subtext, in this case the uneven approach to law enforcement in Allegheny County, where over a hundred police agencies dot the county, some as small as one officer. Novak’s Mission is the first of a projected three-novel series.

I am currently at work on my fourth novel, a historical thriller that I hope to see published during 2021. I do not want to say more about it at this time, but you can learn more by signing up for my mailing list.

Experience in brief

Author of three novels

Former nonprofit consultant


Former journalist

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