A new story platform

Amazon has a new platform in beta-testing called Vella. It is a throwback to the way Charles Dickens and others used to write, publishing each chapter of a book in a newspaper in serial format. Throw in a social media layer—readers can “favorite” stories, which earns the writer extra income—and you have the platform in…… Continue reading A new story platform

Learning from others

“To become a writer, you must first read.” That adage describes how writers learn from each other, studying themes, plots, characterizations, scenes, beats, and all the other tools that go into a story. One of my favorite writers is Sicily’s Andrea Camilleri. He writes with vivid descriptions, outrageous characters, and great humor. But nothing sets…… Continue reading Learning from others

I get my best ideas while walking

As I explained in an earlier post, I do my best writing in the early morning. When I’m finished, I put it aside and do something else until the following morning. I walk two miles each day, weather permitting. Since beginning my novel, I’ve found that this daily forty minute constitutional gives me ideas that…… Continue reading I get my best ideas while walking

When to write?

Writing coaches advise aspiring authors to develop a regular work habit, a routine that ensures that there is time set aside each day for writing. Stephen King claims that he writes every day except Christmas and his birthday, to which a friend replied that King was lying, that he writes on Christmas and his birthday…… Continue reading When to write?


A few years ago when I was still consulting, I discovered a writing program called Scrivener. It was then available only on the Mac operating system, but has since been ported to Windows. I used it to develop complex client reports and, as I began working on my forthcoming novel, wrapped it around me. Scrivener…… Continue reading Scrivener