Novak’s Mission, my third novel and the first in a series featuring Pittsburgh-area police chief Karol Novak, has received an honorable mention from the Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards, receiving 5-star ratings in all six categories. The judge wrote, in part,

This was a great read. I really enjoyed the character of Novak and the people he meets and works with. He was so believable; I never had a problem imagining him doing the things you have him doing in your story. Your pacing and tension were perfect for a story like thisI came to care about Novak and his team, feeling as though they weren’t just characters in a book, but old friends. Wonderful job! I hope you write more stories with Novak and his team of officers. They are great characters.

Novak’s Mission. When a small borough near Pittsburgh hires Karol Novak as chief of its scandal-ridden police force, a nine-year-old girl’s birthday wish plunges him into a three-decades-old murder case. The investigation puts him in conflict with the borough’s leaders, forcing him to choose between duty and justice. There are twists and turns, political conflict with the borough council, and a surprise twist near the end that sets up future books in the series.

Breaking News. An anonymous letter sends Alan Rudberg to eastern Oregon to investigate a kickback scheme. As he digs into a sinister web of crooked politicians and businesspeople, he finds more than he bargained for. A powerful local politician files a libel suit that threatens his reputation. Although the facts are on the Rudberg’s side, a biased judge and unsympathetic townspeople pull together to oppose the “city slicker” reporter. As his wife questions his commitment and his publisher becomes distant, the story threatens his career and his marriage.

Sins of Omission: When journalist Alan Rudberg travels to North Florida to bury his father, he confronts a wall of official silence. His father was investigating a six-decade-old civil rights slaying, and his death was not the accident authorities want him to believe. Why was this old, forgotten murder twice derailed? Who is so threatened by the slaying sixty years later that he would take his father’s life? Rudberg’s quest to learn the truth unearths a family secret that upends his life. He must solve two intertwined mysteries by placing his own life in jeopardy.

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