Prologues in a novel

Experts preach that a well-written novel doesn’t need a prequel. The prologue to my first novel, Sins of Omission, has drawn more remarks from readers than any other. Colleagues at Pittsburgh South Writer’s Group dissected the first two chapters of my next, so-far-untitled novel last night. Amid the many complimentary comments, this advice that fixes…… Continue reading Prologues in a novel

ProWritingAid expands tools

I have been a fan of ProWritingAid since I expanded my writing from fundraising appeals to fiction. It was and remains a superior grammar checker, better than Grammarly, which I also use. The developers have added many new tools that move ProWritingAid beyond just a grammar and spellcheck tool to a comprehensive suite of writing…… Continue reading ProWritingAid expands tools

Q&A with Deborah Kalb

Deborah Kalb, the host of Book Q&As, featured an interview with me on Friday concerning my novel, Sins of Omission. I hope you’ll find it of interest.

Great reviews, first draft of prequel complete

My first novel, Sins of Omission, is enjoying uniformly positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I’ve had sales in three countries outside the US. I’m pleased with the way this is going. Meanwhile, I finished the first draft of my “prequel” to Sins, tentatively titled Breaking News. This story picks up my reporter/protagonist, Alan Rudberg, in 2008…… Continue reading Great reviews, first draft of prequel complete