Jim’s writing rules

Adverbs aren’t all bad. Using gerunds to begin every sentence, as do NBC field reporters, is unacceptable, but their occasional use is fine. It is also acceptable to employ an occasional sentence in passive voice. Always use a subject and verb. Except when not. I hope this helps.

“Breaking News” available

My second novel, Breaking News, is now available for preorder. It will be released by Amazon on October 8, 2019 and on all other platforms on October 16. Breaking News is a prequel to my first novel, Sins of Omission, and concerns a crucial element in the backstory of my protagonist, Alan Rudberg. Rudberg is…… Continue reading “Breaking News” available

“Breaking News” to be released next week.

My second book, “Breaking News” will be out next week through all major ebook retailers and in print. It is a prequel to “Sins of Omission.” detailing the libel suit against journalist Alan Rudberg which was part of the backstory to “Sins.” It is told in the first person and is not strictly a mystery.…… Continue reading “Breaking News” to be released next week.