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Putting yourself in the picture

What was life like in a middle-class Toronto neighborhood in the 1940s? I don’t know, but for a work-in-progress, I need to find out. Yet there’s surprisingly little information available on what is outwardly a banal topic. Enter Quora. If you’re not familiar with it, Quora is a site where you can ask a question […]

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Progress on third book

I’ve completed the second draft of my third novel, a so-far-untitled police procedural set in a borough of Pittsburgh. When launched, it will be the first in a series. The protagonist is a second-generation law enforcement officer of Slovakian parents. Karol Novak is recruited from retirement to lead a dysfunctional police department, typical of many […]

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Great reviews, first draft of prequel complete

My first novel,┬áSins of Omission, is enjoying uniformly positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I’ve had sales in three countries outside the US. I’m pleased with the way this is going. Meanwhile, I finished the first draft of my “prequel” to Sins, tentatively titled┬áBreaking News. This story picks up my reporter/protagonist, Alan Rudberg, in 2008 […]

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Editing? Let your computer read to you.

One of the best ways to edit your writing is to read it aloud. A member of my writer’s group suggests an improvement on the technique: have the computer read to you while you follow the text to check punctuation. Both Mac and Windows operating systems have this feature under “accessibility” options. On the Mac, […]

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The value of writer’s groups

Earlier, I posted about The value of critiquing the work of others. Two weeks ago, it was my turn in the barrel. The South Pittsburgh Writer’s Group critiqued the first two chapters of my WIP, Sins of Omission. I got some attaboys–“Thanks for the correct punctuation,” and “An interesting story that I will buy when […]