A book is never finished

” “A book is never finished; it’s abandoned.” ― Gene Fowler I post this because I just realized I began writing my current novel sixteen months ago. I’m still making changes, but I hope to send it off to an editor for evaluation by the end of this month.

The Research Rabbit Hole

Research can lead you down a rabbit hole. How many of you own a copy of the 1945 edition of “The Official Guide to the Railway?” This is one of many esoteric volumes I’ve studied for my next novel.

Learning from others

“To become a writer, you must first read.” That adage describes how writers learn from each other, studying themes, plots, characterizations, scenes, beats, and all the other tools that go into a story. One of my favorite writers is Sicily’s Andrea Camilleri. He writes with vivid descriptions, outrageous characters, and great humor. But nothing sets…… Continue reading Learning from others

In praise of fine writing

Ken Fuson was a former reporter for the Des Moines Register who died recently. His one sentence weather report is a mini-classic I am compelled to share.

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