An effective fundraising letter

I was asked by one of my followers on Quora last week, “What makes an effective fundraising letter?” I answered: -A strong case that makes readers want to give to you. -A strong lead sentence/paragraph that pulls them into the story -Either an ask or an indication that you are going to ask by the […]

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Editing with ProWritingAid

Earlier, I wrote about the advantages I’ve found using Scrivener, a complete writing environment, rather than a word processing program. Now that I am revising my first draft, I’ve discovered an editing tool that is proving invaluable. I researched several tools before settling on ProWritingAid. Grammarly is considered the industry standard, but the desktop version doesn’t […]

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First draft finished; now the work begins

I completed the first draft of my novel, Sins of Omission, two days ago — 74,000 words across sixteen chapters. Now the real work begins. As many a teacher will tell you (less politely), the first draft is drek. My first four pages already look as though a chicken stepped across it after wading in blood. That’s okay. It’s […]

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The value of critiquing the work of others

My writer’s club holds one meeting a month devoted to critiquing the work of fellow members. The process is good for the writer, of course, but it’s also valuable for those who participate. During this week’s meeting, a writer submitted four chapters, one of which was a long internal dialogue. Along with several others, I […]

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I get my best ideas while walking

As I explained in an earlier post, I do my best writing in the early morning. When I’m finished, I put it aside and do something else until the following morning. I walk two miles each day, weather permitting. Since beginning my novel, I’ve found that this daily forty minute constitutional gives me ideas that […]