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Audio version of “Novak’s Mission”

I’m happy to announce that Robert McBride will narrate the audiobook version of “Novak’s Mission” when it is released in late August. Until his recent retirement, Robert was one of the top classical music hosts in public radio. He and I have worked together for nearly three decades, first at Oregon Public Broadcasting, then during […]

New Book Novel

“Novak’s Mission” debuts in August

My third novel, Novak’s Mission, will be published in August. It’s a police procedural, but, like all my books, it’s a “mystery with a message.” It centers on the relationship between a retired Pittsburgh police detective who gets pulled back into action and his supportive wife, who serves as his sounding board and often asks […]

On Writing

Learning from others

“To become a writer, you must first read.” That adage describes how writers learn from each other, studying themes, plots, characterizations, scenes, beats, and all the other tools that go into a story. One of my favorite writers is Sicily’s Andrea Camilleri. He writes with vivid descriptions, outrageous characters, and great humor. But nothing sets […]


Pittsburgh Writing Workshop

I will be at the 2020 Pittsburgh Writing Workshop, a one-day writers conference on March 28. Join me:

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Putting yourself in the picture

What was life like in a middle-class Toronto neighborhood in the 1940s? I don’t know, but for a work-in-progress, I need to find out. Yet there’s surprisingly little information available on what is outwardly a banal topic. Enter Quora. If you’re not familiar with it, Quora is a site where you can ask a question […]