Free offer

Free short-short story

I have a FREE GIFT for my readers and followers … a short-short story most people can read in five minutes. It’s appropriate for the holidays, a Holiday Letter from Fred and Frieda Fenwick, cheesemakers and marijuana growers in Monmouth, Oregon. Fred and Frieda have had quite a year and want to share it with […]


Jim’s writing rules

Adverbs aren’t all bad. Using gerunds to begin every sentence, as do NBC field reporters, is unacceptable, but their occasional use is fine. It is also acceptable to employ an occasional sentence in passive voice. Always use a subject and verb. Except when not. I hope this helps.

Novel Process

Progress on third book

I’ve completed the second draft of my third novel, a so-far-untitled police procedural set in a borough of Pittsburgh. When launched, it will be the first in a series. The protagonist is a second-generation law enforcement officer of Slovakian parents. Karol Novak is recruited from retirement to lead a dysfunctional police department, typical of many […]

Novel Tools

A new page collects both books

I have a new landing page, courtesy of Drafts2Digital, where you can view both of my currently published books. I welcome your comments. And thanks to fellow members of Pittsburgh South Writer’s Group, Ron Milanek, for pointing me the way through his Smashwords site.


First draft of next book complete

This is National Novel Writing Month, thirty days in which writers around the world work to produce at least 50,000 words. I used it last year to produce the first draft of my second novel, Breaking News. Today, I’m happy to say, I completed the first draft of my third, as yet untitled novel, a […]