My second novel, Breaking News, is now available for purchase in both electronic and print form. breaking_news_logo

Breaking News is a prequel to my first novel, Sins of Omission, taking place eight years earlier.

Alan Rudberg receives an anonymous tip indicating that a candidate for Oregon Senate is corrupt. He investigates and confirms the story, his newspaper publishes it, and soon finds himself facing a libel suit. As the case winds to its conclusion, he senses that neither his newspaper nor his wife support him. 

While I styled Sins of Omission as a mystery, Breaking News is a novel, told in the first person, concerning the stresses facing journalists in an era of declining readership and shifts in media ownership.

If you read Sins of Omission, I think you’ll enjoy this novel exploring Rudberg’s backstory. If you haven’t, you may want to start with Breaking News. Either way, I hope you enjoy the stories, and I welcome your comments.

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