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NEW: The My Books page allows you to preview all five of my novels. Simply read the descriptions and click the links at the bottom of each. The latest addition is Belonging, the story of a woman’s life upended by a DNA discovery. It is now on Kindle Vella and will soon be published as a stand-alone. Coming in November, The Quadrant Conspiracy: The Plot to Kill FDR. This World War II Novel, set in Canada, is the story of one man’s effort to prevent the assassination of the US President while rescuing his broken marriage.

Praise for Novak’s Quest

Jim Lewis has done a fine job with this novel, the second in the Novak series. He knows his characters and their personalities, which gives the book a cohesive feel. The dialogue is strong, and believable. The motives of the characters seem true, and relevant… Instead of violence, the book focuses on unravelling the secrets that surround the three different cases…. It’s the collaborative nature of the individuals that makes Novak’s Quest such an enjoyable read.


  • A statement is not a question

    As a writer, I am alert to grammatical errors I encounter in my reading. One of the most frequent—and one I do not understand—stems from the inability of many writers to tell the difference between a statement and a question. In a book I am reviewing, I read the following: “He’d been trying to escape […]

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  • Riccardino: A novel way to end a series

    I have been an avid fan of Andrea Camilleri’s Montalbano series since the first novel was translated into English by Stephen Sartarelli. Montalbano’s impudence in the face of self-serving bureaucrats has always been entertaining. Most plots were intricate and well resolved. The descriptions of Sicilian seafood specialties often sent me to my cookbooks in fruitless […]

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  • Review: “We Have Been Harmonized.”

    We Have Been Harmonized: Life in China’s Surveillance State by Kai Strittmatter My rating: 5 of 5 stars You are on social media and type the words, “I disagree.” They disappear. You retype them, and they again disappear. The state has decided that the phrase no longer exists. You are called in for questioning because […]

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  • My capsule review of “Yellow Bird”

    Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country by Sierra Crane Murdoch My rating: 5 of 5 stars A well-written account of a Native American woman who becomes fixated on the disappearance of a white oilfield workers whom she has never met. In her quest to solve the mystery, she […]

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  • Research for the new book

    I have just finished the final draft of The Quadrant Conspiracy, a novel of World War II set in Ontario. I am now in search of an agent and publisher. My first three novels all required hours of research, although the first two were based in part on my personal experience. But Quadrant involved more […]

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  • And I thought I was finished

    As I told a fellow writer a few days ago, the more I edit, the more crap I find. This is my eighth swing at this scene. But I swear this is coming along and will soon be ready to share with potential agents.

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