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Three years in the making: As Anglo-American leaders gather to plan the defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler orders the death of President Franklin Roosevelt to derail the conference. Brandon Armitage, a Canadian veteran of the Great War, has joined Canada’s Volunteer Guard to oversee German prisoners. When a Luftwaffe pilot escapes. Armitage pursues him to a remote island in Lake Huron, where FDR is fishing. Armitage alerts security officials the prisoner may be out to assassinate the president, but they refuse his help, insisting their security is tight. He must act alone, even as he seeks to rescue his failing marriage.

Praise for The Quadrant Conspiracy

At a pivotal time in World War II, did the Third Reich try to kill the U.S. president? Deep inside Canada? Allied records surviving today leave only intriguing hints. Evidence from the German side – if it existed –is said to have been destroyed in the bombing of Berlin. From the hints to motive, means, opportunity, and actions, James Lewis has skillfully woven a suspenseful story of what might have happened in his novel, Quadrant Conspiracy.
Philip Padgett, author, Advocating Overlord


  • An “A” Review from BookLife

    The Quadrant Conspiracy just received an “A” rating from BookLife Reviews. You can read the entire review here, but I want to quote just a small piece from it. While the historical material fascinates, it’s the memorable character that powers the story. Bradon’s own repressed trauma as a former prisoner-of-war hurts his marriage with Margie, […]

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  • A glowing review from Rosepoint Publishing

    I could not ask for a better review. Thanks to CE Williams for these kind words for The Quadrant Conspiracy.

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  • The Quadrant Conspiracy: Now available for pre-order

    For three years, I’ve been working on a novel of World War II set in Canada. Today, I’m happy to announce that The Quadrant Conspiracy: The Plot to Kill FDR, will be released in November and is available for presale today. Read the prologue. As Anglo-American leaders gather to plan the defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler orders the […]

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  • Previews of all my novels now available

    You can now go to My Books on my website for the first chapters or prologues of all four of my novels. Browse through the pages and see what you might like to read. There’s more to come. Belonging the story of a woman’s life upended by a DNA discovery, is now on Kindle Vella and […]

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  • New and upcoming

    Novak’s Quest, the second in my Chief Novak series, is available on Amazon. Meanwhile, Belonging, a family drama involving two women switched at birth, is trending on Kindle Vella. If you haven’t tried Vella, it’s a platform for serial stories to read one short episode at a time. Meanwhile, I’m close to releasing a novel […]

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  • “Belonging” is now live on Kindle Vella

    Kindle Vella is a new platform Amazon has created for serialized story-telling. It is particularly aimed at those who read on their iPhones, although you can read it on any electronic device (except, oddly enough, the Kindle reader. Go figure.) My first offering is entitled “Belonging,” the story of Sarah Mathews. Sarah has it all–a […]

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