Previews of all books now available

NEW: The My Books page allows you to preview all five of my novels. Simply read the descriptions and click the links at the bottom of each. The latest addition is Belonging, the story of a woman’s life upended by a DNA discovery. It is now on Kindle Vella and will soon be published as a stand-alone. Coming in November, The Quadrant Conspiracy: The Plot to Kill FDR. This World War II Novel, set in Canada, is the story of one man’s effort to prevent the assassination of the US President while rescuing his broken marriage.

Praise for Novak’s Quest

Jim Lewis has done a fine job with this novel, the second in the Novak series. He knows his characters and their personalities, which gives the book a cohesive feel. The dialogue is strong, and believable. The motives of the characters seem true, and relevant… Instead of violence, the book focuses on unravelling the secrets that surround the three different cases…. It’s the collaborative nature of the individuals that makes Novak’s Quest such an enjoyable read.


  • New and upcoming

    Novak’s Quest, the second in my Chief Novak series, is available on Amazon. Meanwhile, Belonging, a family drama involving two women switched at birth, is trending on Kindle Vella. If you haven’t tried Vella, it’s a platform for serial stories to read one short episode at a time. Meanwhile, I’m close to releasing a novel […]

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  • “Belonging” is now live on Kindle Vella

    Kindle Vella is a new platform Amazon has created for serialized story-telling. It is particularly aimed at those who read on their iPhones, although you can read it on any electronic device (except, oddly enough, the Kindle reader. Go figure.) My first offering is entitled “Belonging,” the story of Sarah Mathews. Sarah has it all–a […]

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  • Not one book, but two

    On Tuesday, July 12, I’m releasing Novak’s Quest, the second police procedural in the Chief Novak series. But that’s not all. I’m also releasing a new book on Kindle Vella. This is a serialized platform, offering snippets of the story released at regular intervals. It’s a new concept, and I’m eager to see how it […]

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  • Great review on Reedsy Discovery

    Novak’s Quest just received a five-star review on Reedsy Discovery. I’m not allowed to post it until our launch date, July 12, but the reviewer got what I’m trying to convey in this series. More to come. Meanwhile, you can preorder the book.

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  • Deborah Kalb features “Novak’s Quest”

    Book blogger Deborah Kalb has again published an interview with me for the forthcoming’s “Novak’s Quest,” which will be published July 12. Thank you once more, Deborah.

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  • Review: Tattered Coat

    See my review of a new historical novel, Tattered Coat, by Mike H Mizrahi. A terrific read.

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