Great review from Writer’s Digest

I posted a few weeks ago that Novak’s Mission received an honorable mention from the Judge for the 8th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards. I have just received the text of the review.

Novak’s Mission received 5-star ratings in all six categories. The judge wrote:

This was a great read. I really enjoyed the character of Novak and the people he meets and works with. He was so believable; I never had a problem imagining him doing the things you have him doing in your story. Your pacing and tension were perfect for a story like this. You also created a very realistic scenario that pits him against the mayor, McMahon and Frain. I liked how you subtly wove in the fact that Novak writes everything down and it isn’t until later that you tell us why. I also liked the twist at the end that explains Novak’s aversion to Father Tim and his mother’s efforts to get him to return to church. The plot itself was perfectly executed. You juggled all the pieces beautifully, making the plot and the tying up of all the loose ends at the end very satisfying. You also “got me” with who the murderer of Bridey’s mother turned out to be. Your writing was gritty and emotional. It immediately pulled me in and didn’t let go until the end. I came to care about Novak and his team, feeling as though they weren’t just characters in a book, but old friends. Wonderful job! I hope you write more stories with Novak and his team of officers. They are great characters.

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