Audio version of “Novak’s Mission”

I’m happy to announce that Robert McBride will narrate the audiobook version of “Novak’s Mission” when it is released in late August.

Until his recent retirement, Robert was one of the top classical music hosts in public radio. He and I have worked together for nearly three decades, first at Oregon Public Broadcasting, then during his stint at WMHT in Schenectady. Portlanders have heard his dulcet tones for years.

I’ve just listened to the first chapter and am impressed by how Robert has translated my writing voice into the spoken word. He has a handle on all the odd Pittsburgh pronunciations — odd to me, but not to them — and how he handles the banter between my protagonist, Karol Novak, and Barbara, his wife. She plays a central role in the story.

I’ll provide more updates as we get closer, but “Novak’s Mission” is both a police procedural and a story about relationships that you’ll not only want to read … but to hear.

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