ProWritingAid expands tools

I have been a fan of ProWritingAid since I expanded my writing from fundraising appeals to fiction. It was and remains a superior grammar checker, better than Grammarly, which I also use.

The developers have added many new tools that move ProWritingAid beyond just a grammar and spellcheck tool to a comprehensive suite of writing assistants.

In addition to tools analyzing style, grammar, overused expressions, clichés, and “sticky” formations, the suite now includes tools flagging repeat expressions. length, pronouns, alliteration, transitions, diction, plagiarism, and an interactive thesaurus.

You may not need all these tools, but among my favorites are the part-of-speech window in the grammar tool that allows me to eliminate unnecessary adverbs and the new “repeat” implementation that flags expressions I tend to overuse. One of my characters was “standing in the doorway” twice in one brief scene, something I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.

Like all such tools, you must use this with care. To cite one example, not all the words flagged as adverbs are adverbs and a few are essential. In dialogue, a character may use clichés and to eliminate them is to remove elements of his character. Used selectively, #ProWritingAid is an excellent way to improve one’s writing.

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