“Sins of Omission” published

My debut novel, Sins of Omission, has just been published. The novel is based on my experience as a young broadcast journalist in North Florida in the late 60s and early 70s. You can read about it on my home page.

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My editor, Lourdes Venard, returned the edited copy to me in late August. I incorporated her edits, then included suggestions from friends and beta-readers Rodney L. Hurst, Sr., Vic DiGenti, and Cheryl Head–all authors in their own “write.”

The protagonist, Adam Rudberg, is an Oregon journalist at the start of the novel. In the ensuing pages, he undergoes a transformation in his life, marriage, and career. I am working on a “prequel” during National Novel Writing Month in November, and you will see Alan work in a new role in subsequent novels.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy it. BE SURE TO SIGN UP at the bottom of the page, and I’ll let you know when you can receive a FREE copy.


2 responses to ““Sins of Omission” published”

  1. I’m interested in reading this book. I’m not averse to paying for it. So I’m leaving this comment to make sure I’m alerted about opportunities to purchase. If I end up winning a free copy, I’m not complaining. But I prefer not to do e-books. Don’t know if that’s the only format this is coming out in or not.


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