The book is off to the line editor

My first novel, Sins of Omission, is in the hands of an editor. I’ve done three revisions on my own, helped by two software programs and a word-by-word edit using Mac’s text-to-speech tools. All that plus reading the thing for what seems like the umpteenth time to see if it hangs together.

Along the way, I’ve uncovered inconsistencies, leaps of logic, and sections in which I’ve left too much to the reader’s imagination. I’ve also found ponderous passages in which I’ve described how a character gets from Point A to Point B (or even Point C) rather than merely placing him (or her) there.

Version 4 beats Version 3, which is better than Version 2, etc. But I know that fresh eyes are going to discover more and find many things that just don’t work.

Here’s hoping that the result will find its way into print (or what passes for it in our digital world) and that you will soon be in a position to read it.

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