When to write?

Writing coaches advise aspiring authors to develop a regular work habit, a routine that ensures that there is time set aside each day for writing. Stephen King claims that he writes every day except Christmas and his birthday, to which a friend replied that King was lying, that he writes on Christmas and his birthday as well. (His output is 2,000 words a day. I’ll let you do the math, since it’s an easy one and helps to explain his abundant output.)

The question becomes when to write. In looking at work on my novel-in-progress over the past two months, I’ve discovered that my sweet spot is the morning hour. And not just any time of the morning, but first thing. I’ve been arising at 5:30 or even earlier and making significant progress toward my daily goal of 1,500 words before breakfast. (Not before coffee, however.)

This early hour increases the volume of my writing — what’s the benefit if the product is drivel — but the quality. I make fewer typos at that hour, and the quality of my writing seems to flow better than at any other time of day. This means more time spent writing and less making repairs.

Why? It may be as complex as my biorhythms or as simple as an absence of distractions at that hour. Whatever the reason, this early bird gets the words.

Your mileage may differ, so let me know what works for you.

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