James H Lewis, a creative writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a background in journalism, public media, and consulting to nonprofit organizations.

My second novel, Breaking News, is available for purchase in both electronic and print form. Breaking News is a prequel to my first novel, Sins of Omission, and takes place eight years earlier. You can find both books here.

Alan Rudberg receives an anonymous tip that a candidate for Oregon Senate is corrupt. He investigates and confirms the story, his newspaper publishes it, and he’s immediately dued for libel. As the court case develops, he senses that neither his newspaper nor his wife support him. 

Sins of Omission was a mystery. Breaking News is a novel, told in the first person, centering on the stresses journalists face in an era of declining readership and shifts in media ownership.

If you read Sins of Omission, you’ll enjoy explorstion of Rudberg’s backstory. If you haven’t, you may want to start with Breaking News. Find both books here. I welcome your comments.