Coming July 12, 2022

Novak’s Quest

Police Chief Karol Novak’s planned retirement is sidetracked when a dying man’s wish draws him into investigating the unsolved murder of a young woman two decades before. As the investigation unfolds, Novak and his team discover a similar unsolved murder. Are the two deaths related or are they the work of a serial killer? While they work to answer these questions, this small, undermanned police force must also find a three-year-old child who has disappeared without a trace.


  • Great review on Reedsy Discovery

    Novak’s Quest just received a five-star review on Reedsy Discovery. I’m not allowed to post it until our launch date, July 12, but the reviewer got what I’m trying to convey in this series. More to come. Meanwhile, you can preorder the book.

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  • Deborah Kalb features “Novak’s Quest”

    Book blogger Deborah Kalb has again published an interview with me for the forthcoming’s “Novak’s Quest,” which will be published July 12. Thank you once more, Deborah.

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  • Review: Tattered Coat

    See my review of a new historical novel, Tattered Coat, by Mike H Mizrahi. A terrific read.

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  • Pennwriter’s 35th Annual Conference

    Pennwriters 35th Annual Conference will be held at the DoubleTree Resort in Lancaster, PA from May 13-15, 2022. I’ll be attending both the conference and a pre-conference intensive, THE NOVEL: FROM IDEA TO FINAL DRAFT, given by Jonathan Maberry on May 12. If you’re attending, I hope to see you there. Message me, and we’ll get together.

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  • Updating vs Republishing on KDP

    I am a great fan of Dave Chesson’s “kindlepreneur,” which helps you select categories and keywords for Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon). But his articles and discount offers are equally helpful. (Both Sarah and I used his discount coupon to get ARCs posted to NetGalley at a fraction of the going rate.) Dave has just posted […]

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  • Novak’s Mission price cut

    To promote the forthcoming release of the second Chief Novak mystery novel, Novak’s Quest, I’ve cut the price of ebook edition of the first in the series, Novak’s Mission, in half. The $1.99 price is live on Amazon now and will show up in other bookstores shortly. This price is good through the end of […]

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