Belonging is now available

Sarah Mathews has it all–a loving family and a budding career–until an unwelcome message resurfaces doubts about her identity she has harbored since childhood. Sarah’s comfortable world is thrown into turmoil when a DNA test confirms her suspicions. As a stranger’s arrival sends her over the edge, she wonders, ‘Who am I?’

First published as a Kindle Vella story, this novel has been re-edited with new material.

The Quadrant Conspiracy is now available!

Three years in the making: As Anglo-American leaders gather to plan the defeat of Nazi Germany, Hitler orders the death of President Franklin Roosevelt to derail the conference. Brandon Armitage, a Canadian veteran of the Great War, has joined Canada’s Volunteer Guard to oversee German prisoners. When a Luftwaffe pilot escapes. Armitage pursues him to a remote island in Lake Huron, where FDR is fishing. Armitage alerts security officials the prisoner may be out to assassinate the president, but they refuse his help, insisting their security is tight. He must act alone, even as he seeks to rescue his failing marriage.

Praise for The Quadrant Conspiracy

At a pivotal time in World War II, did the Third Reich try to kill the U.S. president? Deep inside Canada? Allied records surviving today leave only intriguing hints. Evidence from the German side – if it existed –is said to have been destroyed in the bombing of Berlin. From the hints to motive, means, opportunity, and actions, James Lewis has skillfully woven a suspenseful story of what might have happened in his novel, Quadrant Conspiracy.
Philip Padgett, author, Advocating Overlord


  • At the PennWriters Conference this weekend

    I’m attending the PennWriters Conference May 19-21 at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriot, hobnobbing with editors, agents, and fellow writers from the Keystone State and beyond. I’ll be signing copies of my books Saturday afternoon from 3:00 on, so if you’re at the conference, stop by and say hi.

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  • Belonging, my sixth novel, now available

    Belonging, my sixth novel, is now available on Amazon. It tells the story of a young professional woman, a wife and mother, whose life is upended by a DNA discovery. It’s a brief novel, the shortest I’ve written, and is priced accordingly. It is available in electronic version and in paperback on Amazon. I hope…

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  • Review of “Time’s Undoing” by Cheryl A. Head

    My first novel, Sins of Omission: Racism, politics, conspiracy, and justice in Florida , explored why powerful forces in the South felt threatened by the decades-old murder of a black activist. Cheryl A. Head tackles the same question in her excellent novel Time’s Undoing. Cheryl’s answer to the puzzle is the same as mine, and her protagonist, Meghan…

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  • BELONGING now available for pre-order

    Belonging, my sixth book, will be published on May 2, 2023 and is now available for pre-order. Belonging is the story of a discovery made through DNA that upends a woman’s life. Sarah Mathews has it all–a loving family and a budding career–until an unwelcome message resurfaces doubts about her identity she has harbored since…

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  • “Novak’s Quest” Audiobook now available

    Novak’s Quest (Chief Novak Book 2) is now on sale at Audible, and it will be available on iTunes and Amazon within the next few days. 

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  • “The Quadrant Conspiracy” audiobook

    I’m pleased to announce that my historical novel, The Quadrant Conspiracy, is now available as an audiobook. You can download it on Audible or ACX and will be available on Apple Books within a few days.

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